Interview Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris? Jangan Panik. Kuasai Kosa Kata Bahasa Inggris Ini!

January 4, 2021 0 Comments

Graduate                   : Lulusan

Contoh                       : “I just graduated from Universitas Indonesia.”

Able                            : Mampu

Contoh                       : “I am able to work under pressure.”

Accomplished           : Mencapai

Contoh                       : “I have accomplished my bachelor education.”

Develop                     : Mengembangkan

Contoh                       : “This experience helped me develop my communication skills”

Discover                    : Menemukan

Contoh                       : “I discovered the reason why the project failed”

Eager                         : Bersemangat

Contoh                       : “I am eager to learn new things”

Handled                     : Menangani

Contoh                       : “I handled customer services.”

Pursue                       : Mengejar

Contoh                       : “This job has helped me pursue my dream.”

Satisfy                        : Puas

Contoh                       : “My team leader said she was satisfied with my work.”

Solve                          : Menangani

Contoh                       : “We worked in team to solve this problem”

Gain                           : Mendapatkan

Contoh                       : “I believe I will gain valuable experience here”

Assist                         : Membantu

Contoh                       : “My job was to assist the company’s manager”

Jangan lupa dihafalkan dan dipraktikkan ya hunters!!

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