MagangUpdate Acceleration Program (MUAP)
Batch 15

          We’ve held MagangUpdate Academy Vol. 8 and Innovation. This event succeeded in attracting more than 400 registrants, and after doing some selections, 250 mentees were selected to join our class.

          As mentioned before, MagangUpdate Academy provides 10 classes, from business development, copywriting, financial analyst, supply chain management, UI UX design, business consulting, data analyst, digital marketing, human capital management, and project management. Each class is divided into two sessions, wherein each session mentees got the opportunity to do assignments and do Q&A with the mentor.

          We also provide two exclusive classes for 25 best mentees, critical thinking and public speaking class with two exclusive mentors from PT Paragon Technology and Innovation.

          As activities that support mentees to sharpen their skills, expand their networking, and explore new knowledge from their chosen career path, we hope we’ll be able to hold the next volume of MagangUpdate Academy.